About Me

DSC_0447Hi, there!  My name is Bethany, and I’m so glad you’ve found me here.  I am a wife, mother of one rambunctious toddler and a rotating cast of rescued fur babies, dog trainer, and – most important to you – natural light photographer.  My artistic exploration began early on with pencil and pen & ink illustrations but turned to photography in college.  Being a lover of natural light and nature itself, my work was shaped by my passion for the outdoors and the joy and freedom expressed by both people and animals when experiencing it.  I have had the privilege of working as a professional photographer since 2012, and each year enjoy expanding my offerings to all of the families I serve.  It has been such a joy seeing some of the same families year after year and watching them change and grow right before my eyes.

Why choose me?

Honestly, there are a lot of incredibly skilled photographers out there, and with the advent of better and better cameras in phones and tablets, people are able to create their own beautiful images.  That being said, I pride myself on truly investing in and caring for the clients I work with.  It is an honor to be let into your life – even for a moment – and to have the opportunity to record a small piece of your story.  I take that honor very seriously and do everything I can to ensure that you have a fun and relaxed time, and that the result is a group of timeless photos you will treasure for years.  I am passionate about capturing the natural joy and beauty in my subjects, and will do so in gorgeous settings with beautiful light (read: I prefer not to over edit images, instead relying on quality set-ups and happy subjects to create what you see).  I know we will have a fabulous time together, and I look forward to creating with you.


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